What is a Business Consultant?

Posted on October 8th, 2019

A business consultant is an outside expert who acts as a mentor to business owners working closely alongside them for all their strategic planning needs. A consultant is an excellent source of knowledge. They bring skill, experience, and unbiased advice when analyzing your business’s current condition to help improve performance. The sole purpose of these professionals is to create effective business solutions while also helping you meet your goals as a successful entrepreneur.

What Do Consultants Do?

Consultants can help with marketing and sales development, business expansion, and improvements to financial operations. They can even execute their ideas and recommendations for the best method of supporting your small business.

Here is a quick breakdown of the business consulting process:

  • Pre-Consulting: Before the consulting process, you and your trusted advisor set the terms and establish the consulting agreement.
  • Consulting Period: This typically includes discovery, research, and a final arrangement of business consulting recommendations.
  • Post-Consulting: You and your consultant may choose to extend your agreement or move towards establishment on your own.

Why Choose A Small Business Consultant?

Here are a few common reasons small business owners may turn to a professional consultant for help:

  • Finding the Problem(s): A consultant observes the problems with your business’s operations for issues such as decreased sales, loss of profit, and other issues when internal management is unable to determine the source of the problems.
  • Creating the Solution(s): You may have goals that seem out of reach either due to a skills gap or simply because it’s not in your company’s capability. A consultant can offer better business planning and ensure you reach practical goals to continue growing your company.
  • Optimization: When your business has grown quicker than expected and you’re not sure how to keep up, a consultant evaluates different aspects of your company and determines the best practices to increase successful productivity.

Being a small business owner himself, Tuscan, AZ CPA, Robert V. Ramirez has the first-hand knowledge to point your business venture in the right direction with professional business consulting. Content Robert V. Ramirez, CPA, PLLC today to schedule your consultation!

Not Sure Which Business Structure is Right for You? Professional Business Formation Can Help

Posted on June 11th, 2019

Starting a new business is both an exciting and stressful time, especially when trying to navigate through the complex aspects of starting your professional endeavor. There are many steps you must take in making your business a reality. The good news is, you don’t have to go about it alone! Recruiting the expertise of a seasoned certified public accountant can be a beneficial resource in determining your business formation.

I’m sure you’ve thought about certain setting up your business under different entity models, but which structure is right for your new venture? Below we discuss the differences between business structures and offer suggestions to which one could be the most ideal for your company.

Sole Proprietorships

As the simplest form of a company, most sole proprietorships are small businesses that have one employee, the owner. Performing freelance or independent work under your name is often enough to form a sole proprietorship.

Two significant benefits of structuring your business this way is the simplicity of creating your venture along with straightforward tax obligations.


When two or more individuals start a company together, they form a business partnership. Several types of partnerships include general, limited, and limited liability partnerships. Depending on which kind of partnership is established, aspects such as the amount of money contributed, legal liability, and who has how much control over the business varies.


Larger businesses with numerous employees are often structured as a C corporation. Small businesses typically choose to classify as an S corporation. The main difference between these two classifications is how taxes are paid. C corporations are taxed as independent entities, whereas an S corporation can be incorporated with the individual tax returns of the owners.

Nonprofit Organizations

The definition of a nonprofit organization is the business does not pass additional revenue to its owners, shareholders, or investors. Instead, a nonprofit utilizes this money to achieve the mission it was built to accomplish, while also paying the salary of the owners and other employees.


Franchises differ from the traditional business structure. A franchise is a business that licenses the name, logo, trade, and other aspects of an existing business. For example, many fast food restaurants are franchises.

Are you ready for your entrepreneurial dreams to become an achievable reality? Contact experienced CPA, Robert V. Ramirez in Tuscan, AZ today!

Are You in Need of Payroll Services for Your Small Business? Here’s Why You Should Consider Professional Assistance

Posted on February 19th, 2019

If you are a small business owner whose entity is growing in a way that is making it difficult to manage your payroll obligations, then it may be time for you to consider outsourcing your needs to a professional. Even if you have the time to oversee your payroll needs yourself, seeking financial assistance can help increase organization and payroll accuracy.

In this post, we look closely into the many advantages your company can enjoy when putting your payroll services into the hands of a professional.

Saving Time

As a business owner, you know all too well how precious time is. And as an entrepreneur, you often have to wear many hats, which commonly results in performing too many tasks with not enough time. By outsourcing your payroll responsibilities, you can focus on what’s important, running your business.

Saving Money

Professional payroll services are constructed for organizations and are managed by those who understand the complex world of payroll both inside and out. Many employers choose to pay less to an outsourced professional than to invest in the extensive costs of an in-house bookkeeper.

Avoiding Incorrect or Past-Due Tax Filing

With the help of a professional, you can avoid IRS penalties that occur when misfiling payroll information. Most outsourced professionals safeguard your filing responsibilities, helping you stay on time and accurate with your payroll. An accountant catches potential tax inconsistencies before fees and penalties occur, helping you avoid the pitfalls that come with completing the task on your own. An expert not only helps your company save money but brings irreplaceable peace of mind, too.

Reducing Stress

Performing payroll services can be an overwhelming and incredibly frustrating task, and having the added pressure of doing it yourself can be an outright nightmare, especially if you aren’t well-seasoned in the matter. Recruiting the expertise of a financial professional to oversee payroll helps reduce the burden of running a business on your own and increases the chance for organization and accuracy.

Rewarding Expertise

Government-regulated forms, policies, and withholding are always changing, making it even more challenging to manage your payroll services when you have a business to run. The purpose of having an experienced preparer is to stay on top of everything that affects how payroll obligations are performed and met, so you don’t have to.

Tuscan, Arizona certified public accountant, Robert V. Ramirez is here to take on the burden of critical payroll responsibilities, so you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business with success. Contact the office of Robert V. Ramirez, CPA, PLLC, today to gain the professional support you need and deserve!

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